The Frenzys own "Walt Whitman" with the 08 recap

June 24, 2008

Frenzy, Reports

The faithful started Frenzy 08 feelin’ silly and giddy
but the 1st day on the Madison wasn’t lookin’ too pretty.

Bad luck continued as the Box gave us the fin
some F’ers persisted and ended the day with a win.

Next day at the Madison there were fly rods a whippin’
laughter soon filled the air as though we were all sippin’.

Bows were slain and white fish head butted
we said wassup to Cliff Lake & saw that Chubbs is small nutted.

Trashy women smoked bowls as we came off the lake
Victor was next and the South Fork of the Snake.

We put in bright & early like we had some Captain in us
true F’ers caught fish in a frenzied hot fuss.

I rowed Mr. Yetter though he caught not a fish
but Chubbs, Hoss, Dave and Gillespie brought home a tasty dish.

A few F’ed strong deep into the night
Pans Labyrinth was spotted and android women put up a good fight.

The Southy tried hard not to yield up her treasure
but Dr. Gillespie zoned in much to Jake and Gene’s pleasure.

Mombosa’s were spotted and Brown’s bit down hard
some drifted in late and appointments were marred.

All in all it was considered the best Frenzy ever
budgets got blown & skin turned into leather.

Waist lines expanded & brain cells were thinned
but most important of all those tricky fishes got finned.

– Jake Butikofer, Frenzy ’08


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  1. Aaron Peterson Says:

    i read this once a day, just to appease my silliness.


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