Can’t Get Enough of The Green River!!

June 3, 2008

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I imagine that you read Travis’s post below and have a bit of a background on how this Green River trip came about but I am going to tell it again anyway.

I had planned on going up to Missoula to float Rock Creek and the Blackfoot rivers last weekend but due to the level of snow pack and the late runoff all the rivers were muddy and running high so I decided to stay home and hit some waters closer to home. I had asked fellow frenziers Dave Hancey aka ” The Athlete” and Travis Gillespie aka ” Swims With Fish” if they wanted to come to Missoula to hit those rivers but neither one could make it for a long weekend. So since I was staying home I called them about wetting a line closer to home. Dave first suggested going up to Alpine Wyoming for a quick trip and hit parts of the Snake and Salt rivers but after a few calls up to different fly shops we found that the waters were off color and high, so that was out of the question. Dave then threw out the idea of going to the Green. We made a few calls and we’re told that the water level was up but running clear so we decided that is where we were going. I called Travis and ask if he could come with us and that we were leaving Thursday night and would be back Saturday night. Travis said leaving on Thursday was out of the question due to all the vacation days he has already taken this year to fish and that he would also be gone on the frenzy in two weeks.

We figured out that Dave and I could take his boat down on Thursday, float the river ourselves of Friday and then Travis could meet up with us to float it on Saturday. Dave and I ended up getting to our camp site about 11:30 in the evening, we set up camp, lit a fire, had some cheddar dogs cooked over a nice smoky flame and finally got to bed at 1. The air mattress that I brought had a slow leak so needless to say we only slept for a couple hours that night.

Friday morning we got on the water about 10 and fished until 7. It was only my second time rowing a drift boat so you can imagine how nervous I was thinking that I would flip us or something worse and we would ruin Travis’s boat. I did end up going right over one of the biggest submerged rocks on the river which scared the hell out of both of us. Dave would be the first to tell you that I did get better with the rowing but I was all over the river which made it really hard for him to fish, basically I sucked. Dave on the other hand was pretty good with the boat. We stopped a few times on the way dow, that is when we had the most success.

On Saturday we meet up with Travis and his wife Liz. Liz was awesome the whole day; she chilled and watched us fish from morning to night. Travis was awesome as well rowing most of the day allowing Dave and I to get some good fishing in. Travis is the type of guy that could catch a couple fish and be content the rest of the day rowing and watch others haul in fatties. We got done on sat about 6:30ish and was on the road home by about 8. Over all we landed about 40 fish over the two days and missed about double that, it was a great weekend.The icing on the cake was that Dave and I on the way home nearly killed ourselves by almost hitting a deer.

In short, the stars aligned for a great weekend and we caught a lot of fish. I can’t thank Travis enough by letting us take his boat and then fishing with us all day on Saturday. We wouldn’t have caught as many fish if it wasn’t for Dr. Gillespie; he is a hell of a fisherman.

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