Cicadas Anyone???

June 2, 2008

Frenzy, Green River, Reports

So I got a call from Hoss 3 weeks ago saying “Hey what are you doing the last week of May?” I said “I don’t think I have anything planned” “OK good, your going with me to Montana!” Well things didn’t workout that way. The week before, I visited my older brother Jeremy in Bakersfield, California for Mermorial weekend. Were we experienced some of the best fishing and camping in Sequoia National Forest on the Kern River.(See my write up: “In Search Of Gold” for details and Pics).

But as luck has it I got another call from Hoss just last Wednesday saying “Dude, Montana trip is no more, what about floating down the Green?” It worked out that my wife and I meet Dave and Hoss out at the Green for a Saturday float. (Hoss and Dave went up Thursday night and floated Friday) The weather was great, the company was excellent and the fish were coming up on the big Cicadas that were flying around. It was almost the perfect fishing day. The only problem is that we were having a heck of a time keeping the dang fish saddled up. We ended up boating around 20 fish but we missed probably double that! I guess we are getting the dust off now, so we don’t suck it up on the Frenzy. (Yeah Right!)

Hoss and Dave thanks for such a great time and for being so cool to Liz. She had a great time and say you guys ROCK! (but need to work on keeping a fish saddled up)

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