More Spring Training

April 21, 2008

Frenzy, Provo River, Reports

I hadn’t been fishing for a bit so early in the week last week i decided that would try to hit the Provo River on Thursday or Friday. I ended up on the river Friday late morning. It was windy but very nice, temp was about 65. I couldn’t see any bugs coming off the so I started nymphing and hooked into a few fish with in the first 30 min but could not keep them on longer than a few seconds so obviously I was frustrated and thought that it would be one off those days. After being there for about an hour I noticed fish starting to rise. I switched over to a dry and started to catch a number of fish over the next hour or so. It was windy so naturally it was hard to get a good cast but luckily I had a few decent casts and had some luck before I had to leave. If anyone wants to hit the Provo River anytime just let me know and I will go with you.

Just for kicks I have put up some pictures from a trip to Yellowstone in 2000. My sister followed me around and took some amazing shots with black and white film. Enjoy!


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  1. Breanne Says:

    I’m glad that the pics worked for the blog! That was a fun trip :)


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